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Kate Middleton Topless Duchess of Cambridge Breaking News Stories & Photos

Kate Middleton Topless Duchess of Cambridge Breaking News Stories & Photos

Kate Middleton Topless Duchess of Cambridge Breaking News Stories & Photos. Here are the most sought after naked photos of the duchess of Cambridge. Take a look and let us know what you think. We all seem to be naturally intrigued by these naked Kate photos. I'm sure you would agree with us that she looks great. Where can I see the Kate middleton photos you asked. Here is the answer!
UPDATE: Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge have given birth to a baby boy. Go to the website Prince Of Cambridge Born 22 July 2013 here.

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Kate Middleton Topless Duchess of Cambridge breaking News Story & Photos

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Kate Middleton Topless Duchess of Cambridge breaking News Stories & Photos
Kate Middleton Naked Duchess of Cambridge breaking News Stories & Photos

Kate Middleton Topless Duchess of Cambridge, the future Queen of England, has been photographed abroad naked. The Closer magazine has produced telescopic visuals of the bare chest of our beloved Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton decided to go for a tan-line free tan when on vacation recently in Provence with Prince William.

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Kate Middleton Topless Duchess of Cambridge breaking News Stories today

Topless Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge

Wills and Kate Middleton topless on holiday
French magazine Closer has just published some photos of the duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and William sunbathing topless while "staying at the French chateau of the Queen's nephew, Lord Linley — making it now two royal nudie picture scandals in 3 weeks.
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A victim of press intrusion says the Duchess of Cambridge was "inviting photographs" when she chose to sunbathe topless while on holiday with her husband. Broadcaster Anne Diamond - who told the Leveson Inquiry she was "besieged" by reporters after the cot death of her son in 1991 - compared the magazine controversy to her early days of TV fame. She told Sky News: "I'm not blaming her in any way at all, because it is not her fault, except that when you do become very well known as a woman you have to accept that somewhere along the line you've given up your right to sunbathe topless -- you will be inviting photographs. "The only place she should be able to guarantee privacy if she's wandering around topless is her own bedroom. "I remember 30 years ago, when I became 'tabloid fodder', a big ITV producer said to me, 'you do realise you've forfeited your right to go topless on holiday' and I understood that, because you just don't take the risk. "I am a bit surprised that Kate feels secure enough to go topless on a balcony somewhere." Royal expert Michael Ellis MP was outraged by the magazine's decision. He said: "Most people will recognise this for what it is -- a gross invasion of privacy.
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Following these young people on holiday in a private location, in private circumstances, anyone would be utterly appalled."

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Kate Middleton Topless Duchess of Cambridge breaking News Stories & Photos


  1. it is true what you say being such a high profile figure you would of assumed she would be very careful especially after the fergie toe sucking photos.The strangest thing is that nobody has mentioned is william and kate are to be seen smiling directly at the camera???Yes it is an invasion of privacy but to be honest i belive she was a very silly lady for even taking her top off when she clearly knows that the paps will get a photo of her regardless..on the other side of the coin what the magazine company done was wrong and very gross for the invasion and should of not published the photographs but they royals are only protect in their own country the uk they have to expect that other countrys will publish theses photos given the chance and thats were the royals let themselves down by allowing this to angie